Our Mission

It is the mission of CCAP insurance programs to assist counties and county related entities to protect their employees, clients, their property, financial assets, and the public who use their facilities.

To accomplish this, CCAP insurance programs staff will strive to provide:

  • Quality member services to counties and county-related entities in the area of risk management, insurance, employee benefits, bonding and related areas.
  • Professional, fair, timely and accurate claims services to members of CCAP’s insurance programs.
  • Professional advice to counties and county-related entities regarding loss control, safety, contractual and operational issues.
  • Quality loss control training for management, supervisors and employees of counties and county-related entities.
  • Regular, relevant information to members and their insurance producers through the use of various media.
  • Any reasonable assistance to counties and county-related entities to make their workplace and operations as safe as possible for the public and county employees.


CCAP’s insurance programs were created by counties, for counties. Starting in 1980 with the CCAP UC Trust, counties directed CCAP staff to provide services, coverage and training which the traditional insurance market no longer offered. Tailored to the specific needs and risks of Pennsylvania counties, all of our programs are owned and governed by the members they insure.

CCAP Health Alliance

CCAP and the Delaware Valley Health Trust (DVHT) have partnered to offer an alternative to the commercial health insurance market, providing Pennsylvania counties with upfront savings, enhanced benefits and long-term cost stability.


A Reciprocal Risk Retention Group, which offers stop loss insurance for those counties implementing the behavioral managed healthcare program, HealthChoices.


Nursing Home Liability and Professional Coverages - A Reciprocal Risk Retention Group, which provides Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance coverage.


Patient Trust Funds Bonds  - A group bond program for patient trust fund bonds for county owned and affiliated nursing homes.


PA Counties Risk Pool - PCoRP provides property, liability, automobile and other related insurance coverages, loss control, claims services and training to Pennsylvania counties and county related entities.

Tax Collector Bonds

This program is insured through an A.M. Best "A+" rated carrier surety. Surety bond program for counties to purchase bonds (as required by law) for tax collectors.


Prison Inmate Medical Cost Containment program, a consulting service to help counties save money on the provision of medical services for county prisons.

UC Trust

The UC Trust provides unemployment compensation insurance for county employees.


PA Counties Workers' Compensation Trust - PComp provides workers' compensation coverage for employees of counties and county related entities which includes risk control, claims services and training.


The program started June 4, 1999 and now covers many Pennsylvania counties. Coverage for county volunteers injured while volunteering for the county or county related entity. Also can cover work release inmates, alternatively sentenced inmates, nursing home volunteers and juvenile tobacco enforcement participants.

County Related Entities (CRE’s)

While CCAP’s role is focused on providing services to counties, we know that counties use various mechanisms to deliver services. Often this involves creating new entities, sometimes with other counties. Many refer to these as joinders, but this can also include separate non-profit or intergovernmental cooperative entities. We call these CRE’s, and several of our insurance programs can assist CRE’s with their risks.

Specifically, our programs for these types of insurance can provide coverage for CRE’s:

Each program has its own underwriting guidelines. For example, to become part of PCoRP a CRE has to show it has governmental immunity.

CRE’s interested in a proposal from one of CCAP’s programs should contact us at insurance@pacounties.org.