Watershed Technician

Job Title:
Watershed Technician
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York County



Position Summary
As a Conservation District employee, the Watershed Technician is a resource to both the public and private sectors.  The general duties of the Watershed Technician are to provide technical, informational, and organizational assistance that will improve watershed organization development and the quality and quantity of the Commonwealth’s surface and groundwater resources.  The focus of this work relates to watershed assessment and monitoring, procurement of funding, technical assistance, education, and outreach. The Watershed Technician is under the direct supervision of the Watershed Specialist and is accountable to the Conservation District Manager & Board of Directors.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Conservation District
· Assist in the implementation of the Dirt & Gravel Road (DGR) Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance (ESM) Program. Be knowledgeable of the DGLVR Program’s Administrative Manual. Attend training, webinars, workshops, etc. as required and time allows.
· Assist with the implementation of the Low Volume Road (LVR) Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance (ESM) Program. Be knowledgeable of the DGLVR Program’s Administrative Manual. Attend training, webinars, workshops, etc. as required and time allows.
· Assist with the implementation of the Exelon Habitat Improvement (EXHIP) Program co-jointly with Ag Conservation Department. Be knowledgeable of DEP’s Exelon Program’s Work Plan and letter of agreement with the District.  Be knowledgeable of agricultural, stream habitat, and riparian area improvement practices. Review proposed project applications for completeness. Inspect and certify completed projects for payment. Maintain ACCESS database for project tracking. Prepare and submit completed project annual reports, individually and separately.
· Assist with the implementation of the Large Wood Debris (LWD) Program. Review proposed project applications for completeness. Inspect and certify completed projects for payment. Prepare and submit completed project annual reports to Safe Harbor Inc.
· Stay abreast of the environmental laws and regulations for which the District is responsible.
· Work with municipalities and County Planning Commissions to adopt model ordinances and more flexible design criteria that promote water quality protection, floodplain management, stormwater management, etc.
· Assist municipalities in resolving stormwater complaints and land use conflicts.
· Encourage agencies and landowners to cooperate in watershed initiatives and inform them of the technical resources and funding opportunities that are available.
· Prepare written monthly report of activities to the Board of Directors.
· Serve on District Committees as assigned.
· Prepare articles for newsletter or annual report as requested
· Attend staff and other meetings as requested
· Work throughout York County.  
· Work beyond normal working hours and on weekends when necessary.  
· Other reasonable duties as assigned by supervisor.
· Input data into PracticeKeeper as needed.
· Develop or assist with the development of watershed-based plans (WBPs) or similar watershed restoration/protection strategies,
· Implement or support the implementation of WBPs or similar restoration/protection strategies.
· Assist in the implementation of the York Countywide Action Plan (CAP), including serving on the Watershed Alliance of York (WAY), Inc. CAP Committees as needed.
· Design or encourage the design and implementation of water quality protection BMPs.
· Develop or encourage the development and implementation of watershed restoration projects or assist with the development and implementation thereof,
· Motivate and assist stakeholders in the implementation of watershed restoration and protection projects.
· Develop or implement demonstration sites or assist with the development and implementation thereof.  Demonstration Sites are those sites involving innovative technologies, resource recovery and/or reuse, energy development or new designs to minimize operation/maintenance costs,
· Provide assistance in support of the sustainability of 25+ local watershed organizations and the Watershed Alliance of York (WAY), Inc.
· Provide technical assistance to landowners and other citizens as requested,
· Assist with water quality and/or quantity monitoring. Become familiar with DEP’s ICE Protocol.
· Preparation and submittal of grant applications to obtain funds from federal, state, local, and private sector funding sources for the purpose of watershed-based planning or strategy development, resource monitoring, watershed assessment, and BMP implementation,
· Preparation and submittal of reports, reimbursement requests or other documents necessary to manage and maintain grant funding,
· All other work associated with the maintenance and management of grants.
· Trainings that promote watershed restoration, protection, or conservation by instructing attendees on these concepts,
· Trainings both in and out of the classroom that may lead to the design, implementation, or maintenance of water quality, water quantity BMPs, or water resource conservation and protection
· Production and distribution of training materials through traditional and contemporary media outlets promoting watershed awareness,
· Exhibit displays promoting watershed protection, conservation, and restoration in a public forum in order to direct the public to implement practices to restore or protect water resources.
· Attend the Department sponsored Annual Conservation District Watershed Specialists Meeting.  Attendance at this annual training event is required of all Watershed Program staff to maintain grant reimbursement eligibility,
· Attend/participate in at least one regional Watershed Specialist Meeting annually.   This meeting is to be coordinated by the Watershed Manager (DEP) or collaboratively by the Watershed Specialists located within each respective region,
· Attend/participate in one other training event,  
· Attend training events as required by the Conservation District,
· Attend training events and/or engage in coursework necessary to maintain or build upon knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the duties described herein.
· Maintain and update an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to track skill level, aptitude and to assist with determining training needs.
Requirements are representative of minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities.  To perform this job successfully, the incumbent will possess the ability or aptitude to perform each duty proficiently, and comply with Association policies and procedures, as outlined in the Employee Handbook
Essential Requirements
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree in Environmental Education, Environmental Resources Management, or related field or equivalent combination of experience, education, and training.
  • Experience developing, writing, and administering grant proposals.
  • Experience managing work schedules and assignments for staff, interns and or groups of volunteers.
  • Understanding of current technology related to water quality issues and best management practices.
  • Must possess PA driver's license and a clean driving record.  
  • As a condition of continuing employment, the individual must be able to obtain a cell phone service contract by the end of their probationary period. This position requires using a cell phone for relaying pertinent information and assessing the location and safety of staff while in the field. (A stipend will be provided by the County to help offset the monthly expense)
  • Effective public speaking, communication and writing skills are of utmost importance for this position.
  • Must have knowledge of computer operations and be able to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access applications.
  • Ability to read and interpret technical literature, engineering plansblueprints and tables.
  • Ability to perceive mechanical, physical, and spatial relationships.
Posting Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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Monday, February 28, 2022
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Luana Taylor
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Luana Taylor