Director of Human Resources

Job Title:
Director of Human Resources
County Name:
Monroe County

The purpose of this classification is to plan and direct all personnel programs and policies, including labor and employee relations for the County and all satellite facilities.  As the Chief Privacy Officer the purpose is to provide development guidance and oversee all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to the policies and procedures covering the privacy of, and access to, patient health information in compliance with federal and state laws and the healthcare organization’s information privacy practices.  Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  assisting management in interpreting provisions of  labor contracts; conducting employee grievance meetings; counseling elected officials and department heads on ways of resolving personnel problems; investigating discrimination, sexual harassment, HIPPA, ADA and/or EEO complaints; and performing other duties as required.


The following duties are normal for this position.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned.

Supervises, directs, and evaluates assigned staff, processing employee concerns and problems, directing work, counseling, disciplining, and completing employee performance appraisals.

Plans, coordinates and distributes work assignments for assigned personnel; monitors employee work performance; provides counseling and guidance involving specific job functions; reviews work for accuracy and completeness; provides orientation and training for new and current employees.

Directs the management of county’s benefits programs.

Performs various labor relations activities to include assisting management in interpreting provisions of employee labor contracts; conducting and/or attending grievance meetings as last step prior to arbitration; monitoring meetings and meeting with unions on labor relations issues prior to reaching county commissioner’s level; representing the county in all contract negotiations and in all arbitrations and civil service hearings; recommending to county commissioners the settlement of contract negotiations, grievances and hearings.

Investigates all sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or EEO complaints received from employees; interviews involved parties; applies all related laws and regulations; ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local rules, ordinances and laws; maintains confidentiality of all evidence and information; represents the county in court and discrimination hearings.

Advises and counsels elected officials and department heads on resolving personnel and disciplinary problems; ensures management follows all outlined policies and procedures and adheres to local, state and federal laws as required; answers questions and provides information regarding legal issues relating to personnel law.

Oversees the preparation of the bi-weekly personnel agenda; meets with commissioners to review, discuss and recommend any such personnel actions; prepares bi-weekly agenda of all other personnel issues (other than new hires, terminations and related areas) that require action by the Board of Commissioners.

Directs the management of the county compensation program; ensures wage and salary practices are consistent and accurate; makes recommendations for changes to policies as necessary.

Acts as county compliance officer on all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action issues; adheres to all local, state and federal laws regarding such cases; keeps apprised of changes in legislation; advises personnel, management and elected officials regarding appropriate actions to take and steps to follow to resolve issues; interviews involved parties; maintains confidentiality of all information and data collected.

Serves as liaison between all elected county officials, department heads and the County Commission on any personnel issues; assists management and elected officials in recruitment efforts.

Directs the overall selection, recruitment, and promotion programs for the county’s personnel system; ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and/or standards; establishes selection procedures for staff and supervisors; develops and directs alternate selection procedures; oversees examination procedures and results; certifies eligible individuals for hire and/or promotion; supervises test development; monitors test validation and recruitment efforts; resolves applicant appeals; monitors employee turnover rate and potential reasons for turnover.

Manages the county’s centralized personnel, medical and workers’ compensation program; determines record management and archival procedures; acts as administrator for worker’s compensation program; directs the processing of applicant and employee data; releases annual report and related management summary reports; selects appropriate computer software for record retention.

Attends meetings, training seminars and workshops to keep apprised of changes in legislation and current trends regarding personnel issues; subscribes to and reads journals, manuals, reports and other documents and summarizes into written and/or oral reports; participates in professional organizations when required.

Plans and directs management and employee improvement or training programs; schedules and/or conducts appropriate management training programs; determines annual training curriculum; develops and maintains employee orientation program.

Serves as member of safety committee and other committees as required; attends meetings; provides input and insight into employee safety guidelines and policies; makes recommendations for changes as necessary. 

Review weekly Internet Reports for excessive usage and non-business related sites being accessed; requests and reviews personal and summary reports as needed.

Receives requests for and gives approval for Information Systems to transfer documents, h/drive, or s/drive to another employee computer upon employee being on extended leave or terminated; gives approval for Information Systems to review a personal computer to find a specific document and print or transfer to another employee, per Elected Official or department head requests.

Enforces county personnel rules and regulations; reviews current policies and makes recommendations for changes; updates policy manuals and procedures as required.

Fields questions from county payroll department regarding payment of wages, hours worked for employees and other related information; advises department on what or how much to pay employee.

Performs a variety of administrative work as required; drafts policies; prepares special projects and makes recommendations to management, elected officials, Board of County Commissioners, and other individuals as required; prepares various correspondence, letters, memoranda, and other reports and documents as required.

Answers incoming telephone calls; responds to inquiries received and provides information accordingly.

Receiving, tracking, investigating and taking action as appropriate on all Complaints regarding the County’s compliance with its own privacy policies and procedures and compliance with federal and state privacy laws and Regulations.

Acts as key member of county negotiating team as it relates to Teamster and PSSU contract negotiations

Performs initial and periodic information privacy risk assessment and conducts related ongoing compliance monitoring activities in coordination with the entity’s other compliance and operational assessment functions.

Works with legal counsel and management, key departments, and committees to ensure the organization has and maintains appropriate privacy and confidentiality consent, authorization forms, information notices and materials reflecting current organization and legal practices and requirements.

Oversees, directs, delivers, or ensures delivery of initial and privacy training and orientation to all employees, volunteers, professional staff, contractors, alliances, business associates, and other appropriate third parties.

Ensures compliance with privacy practices and consistent application of sanctions for failure to comply with privacy policies for all individuals in the organization’s workforce, extended workforce, and for all business associates, in cooperation with Human Resources, administration, and legal counsel as applicable.

Initiates, facilitates and promotes activities to foster information privacy awareness within the organization and related entities.

Works with all personnel involved with any aspects of release of protected health information, to ensure full coordination and cooperation under the policies and procedures and legal requirements.

Cooperates with the Office of Civil Rights, other legal entities, and organization officers in any compliance reviews or investigations.

Works with administration, legal counsel, and other related parties to represent the County’s information privacy interest with external parties (state or local government bodies) who undertake to adopt or amend privacy legislation, regulation, or standard.
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