County Caseworker 2- Children and Youth

Job Title:
County Caseworker 2- Children and Youth
County Name:
Luzerne County
Employees in this class provide a full range of social and case management services to children, youth and families, and others to assist them in attaining a more satisfactory social, economic, emotional, or physical adjustment. An important aspect of this work is the employment of casework skills in obtaining essential information, counseling clients and members of their families, and helping them to utilize all available resources. Work also involves the application of problem solving techniques, providing counseling to maximize service delivery and to achieve service plan goals, monitoring client behavior, and interacting with agencies which make up the service network. Work is performed in accordance with established regulations, policies, and procedures, but employees are expected to exercise initiative and judgment in discharging their duties. Supervision may be exercised over paraprofessional and/or clerical staff. Work is reviewed by a professional social service or administrative supervisor through regularly scheduled individual and group conferences, and the review of records and reports.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022
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Friday, August 12, 2022
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Kylee Cosgrove
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Kylee Cosgrove
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