Senior Financial Analyst

Job Title:
Senior Financial Analyst
County Name:
Berks County
This position is primarily responsible for multiple Human Service, Enterprise, General Fund, and Agency Funds budget review, evaluation and monthly monitoring including evaluation of relevant weekly budget transfer and appropriation requests. This position is responsible for grant compliance and monitoring as it impacts expected revenues and cash flows for assigned departments. This position is expected to assist in the supervision and review of the work of various departments’ fiscal officers and fiscal support staff.

  • Works directly with budget manager, department heads, and fiscal officers to develop and maintain an annual budget for assigned general fund and agency departments. Provides guidance to fiscal officers within assigned departments and provides the necessary technical expertise to ensure the accuracy of financial information. 
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly analysis that: monitors impact of changes in funding certifications on budgeted county match, ensure accuracy of booked receivables and payables and projected year end fund balances.
  • Maintains complex and technical budget and budget progression records that support annual budget development and proactive decision making. Also monitoring grant compliance as it pertains to revenues, expenditures, and cash flows.
  • Converts annual budget information to cash basis for cash flow forecasting and maintains analysis that supports the development of the annual cash flow forecast, as it pertains to assigned departments. Monitor the actual results to plan on a monthly basis with relevant variance analysis.
  • Create a five-year forecast for all accounts related to assigned department compliment.
  • Monitors on-going compliance with Commissioner/budgetary mandates, generally accepted government accounting principles, and regulatory and legislative changes as they relate to revenue, expense, operating and quasi-external transactions.
  • Create, maintain, and review complex financial analysis and schedules for various functions within the county, such as fringe benefits expense, position control, ad-hoc analysis used for Union negotiations, cost statements, and cost-accounting allocations.
  • Create and maintain financial analysis that supports staffing levels, build verse buy, ROI, breakeven analysis, in source verses outsource decisions, department performance metrics, six sigma financial impact statements.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business with emphasis in accounting. 
  • Four (4) plus years recent experience in public sector financial accounting and/or budgetary analysis or related private sector experience. Applicable experience and training may be substituted for any requirement at the discretion of the Director of Budget and Finance.
  • Working knowledge of generally accepted government accounting principles as they pertain to fund accounting (preferred).
  • Ability to analyze Regulatory Acts and translate the economic provisions into budget dollars and related general fund impact (preferred).
  • Significant experience with export and query functions of enterprise financial software packages (preferred).
  • Experience with the use of ERP platforms for financial analysis and budgeting (preferred).
  • Ability to analyze complex financial related activities (required).
  • Accomplished user of Excel to create financial analysis, including creation of pivot tables and use of import function(required).
  • Extremely organized and attention to detail (required).
  • Ability to multitask and reprioritize goals and deliverables on a daily, weekly basis (required).
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (required).
  • Ability to collaborate both on projects and teams or committees and independently (required).
  • Physical presence in the office is required.
  • Eyestrain - Long periods of time looking at a computer screen.
  • Long periods of sitting are required when analysis must be completed.
Office environment.

Interested candidates, please visit the County website ( to complete the application process and submit a cover letter, and resume with salary requirements.
Posting Date:
Monday, July 25, 2022
Expiration Date:
Friday, August 26, 2022
Contact Name:
Suzette Melendez
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Suzette Melendez
633 Court Street Reading PA 19601