County Commissioners testify on Election Reform

News Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Two county commissioners recently testified in front of the PA Senate State Government Committee on the topic of election reform.
In the midst of a whirlwind of election uncertainty in the commonwealth, two county commissioners testified Tuesday afternoon in front of the Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee on the topic of election reform. Daryl Miller, Bradford County Commissioner and CCAP President, alongside Sherene Hess, Indiana County Commissioner and Chair of the CCAP Elections Reform Committee provided testimony on bipartisan solutions.

“For counties, we think that perhaps the better way to frame this conversation is as non-partisan, rather than bipartisan,” Hess said. “Our counties understand that election administration is not about party affiliation, but about making our democracy run smoothly. Even while debates over election reforms often focus on big picture concepts like voter access or election security, counties know it is the small, often unseen tasks related to day-to-day administration that can have big ramifications on the outcome of elections.

Promoting election integrity and providing funding and resources for elections were identified as legislative priorities by county leaders in late January.

“The current state of affairs is not sustainable, and continually increasing what counties are asked to do without providing for the funding, staff and time to implement those requirements will only set us up for failure in the future,” Miller said.

Counties are responsible for all aspects of running elections in Pennsylvania under the state’s election code, the federal National Voter Registration Act and Help America Vote Act.

See the full testimony here.