News Date:

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Following Veto of HB 1300, Counties Ready to Partner on Ongoing Election Reform Efforts
Lisa Schaefer
Executive Director
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
As the General Assembly and Gov. Wolf move forward on election reforms, counties remain at the ready to support efforts to develop legislation that can be successfully implemented by counties. While counties continue to call for action on their top priorities, including expanded pre-canvassing and extending the mail-in ballot application deadline, we know there will be many other matters considered throughout the negotiations.

Regardless of the policy choices, it is crucial for the General Assembly and Gov. Wolf to develop legislative language in collaboration with counties to ensure they can continue to implement our elections fairly, accurately and securely. With any additional changes, counties will also need sufficient resources to support both one-time and ongoing operational needs, and sufficient time for new requirements to be successfully administered and applied, including, for instance, time to acquire equipment and train election staff and poll workers as counties also balance their existing elections obligations.